Shiny Dream - more than ...

... a dance shop, more than a tailor's shop, more than a design studio. Why do we emphasize this "more than" so much? Because we have all the advantages of mentioned institutions, as well as "something more": fantasy, creativity, imaginative, unrestrained imagination ... and at the same time a sense of aesthetics and good taste. So if you are looking for mediocrity and commonness, we are sorry, but we do not have that. And if you want something more, then you are in the right place!


Shiny Dream - you often see us!

Our creations appear on the stages of performances, in television programs, such as talent shows, in advertisements of well-known brands ... We are valued by show business producers and performers. Among our "full-time" clients are dance schools, theatres, community centres, skating sections, etc. - from all over Poland. We sew about 3000 costumes a year, and this is not an exaggeration, because the labels do not lie :)


Shiny Dream - standard

What is visible in our store are standard products, enjoying unchanging popularity. Typical examples may include a tutu skirt, a contemporary dance dress or even ordinary ballet tights, where design freedom is limited by current trends and traditional stereotypes. But, as you know, the devil is in the details. For us, this "devil" manifests itself through form, finials, accessories, cut ... all this makes even standard dance clothing from Shiny Dream unique.


Shiny Dream - especially for you!

Custom-made dance clothing, ballet clothing, and in particular theatrical clothing, is a sphere in which we let our fantasy fully unfold. The greatest merit here is in the participation of Brygida Rosińska, who is the main creator and designer of our clothes. It is primarily thanks to her that our brand is growing in strength and is gaining an increasingly stronger position on the market, gaining recognition and appreciation of recipients. And what can we do for you? The answer is simple: everything you want, including hints and tips. All you have to do is contact us and, in general, outline your expectations.


Shiny Dream - no limits!

Cheerleaders costume? Our products are hosted even at international championships. Clothing for hostesses? Fairs, events, promotional campaigns - nothing is a secret to us. Acrobatic costume? We adapt to all standards, and when necessary - we supplement them with fancy additions. If you can, surprise us with a difficult task :)